Spiced Apple Cider

Heat up all the following in a saucepan or crock pot and enjoy.

  • A good quality apple juice (“cider”), preferably fresh squeezed and unpasteurized;
  • Organic citrus peals. (Simply slice some generous-size pieces of peel off an orange or lemon);
  • A few drops of Young Living Cinnamon Oil
  • A few drops of Young Living Clove Oil
  • A few drops of Young Living Lemon Oil
  • A handful of Young Living dried Ningxia Berries (these will make a great conversation-starter as people begin to notice them in their drink).

Tip: the cinnamon and clove oils are very strong and should not be over-used. I recommend using them sparingly, especially the clove, and then adding more according to taste.

Robin Phillips

Robin Phillips

I am the author of Saints and Scoundrel, hold a Ph.M. in historical theology from King’s College London and I am currently working on a Masters’ in Library Science through the University of Oklahoma, with the aim of eventually becoming an academic librarian.